• Accommodation

    One suite and two double rooms each equipped with a TV, an air-condition and a bathroom

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  • Menu

    Three meals are served on deck

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    . Lunch and dinner are served in three courses. Tea is served around 5 p.m

    . and all drinks are available during your jurney.

  • Guide

    A guide will accompany you during your journey.

The Royal House Boat is sailing on the Nile River since the early 20th century, carrying pottery and transfer workers from Upper Egypt down to the Lower Egypt.

Nowadays it’s the time when it will be reborn in luxury and style to carry people and whisper every secret & tale it has through it long journey time.

  • The Royal House Boat

    The Royal House Boat was inaugurated in February 2008 having only 2 Cabins, 1 Suite & 1 Cabin for guide that we provide The whole boat is air conditioned with individual unites.

  • Dimension (approx.):

    – 24m L – 4.7m W (according to the different parts of the boat)
    – Cabin size: 16 m² – Suit size: 25 m²

  • Rooms

    • Each room has its own plasma screen connected to DVD
    • Luxurious bathroom including Jacuzzi with hot & cold water

  • Royal Privacy

    Your House Boat is offering you royal privacy with its only 3 cabins where can enjoy the ancient written on every drop of the Nile River